A little bit about us…

How we started?

Established in 2020, Aras Bowtique was born out of a passion for creativity and inspired by the founder's daughter. What began as a hobby, fueled by ample free time, has blossomed into a thriving business venture.

What do we offer?

Specializing in handmade hair accessories, Aras Bowtique is renowned for its signature hybrid single bows and hybrid piggies, unique designs that have become our best-selling items. In addition to these popular creations, we also offer custom cups, purses, bracelets, earrings, and a variety of other accessories. Recently, we have expanded our offerings to include a clothing line known as "Aras' Luxe Clothing."

What makes us LUXE?

Our commitment to luxury stems from our use of high-quality, exclusive materials. Each of our luxe bows and clothing pieces feature custom prints and fabrics designed in-house. We dedicate ourselves to creating the perfect accessory or garment, infusing each piece with love and attention to detail. Our products are crafted with pride, reflecting our passion for our work. At Aras’ Bowtique, we are dedicated to our craft and take joy in every creation.

    New items!

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    Aras’ Hybrid Luxe Bow

    The Original Hybrid Bow. Available in 5.5in, 5in and 4.5in.

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